This story is not one that I would have chosen to read unless it was for this class, but it was an interesting plot and was an intriguing book.  It was violent and gruesome when you truly stop and think that this story is about youth killing each other in order to stay alive.  I think one of the most disturbing things about this story is there is no mention of God, religion, church.  There is no glimmer of hope or redemption, only survival.  I will have to admit, I will more than likely read the next two books also.

I feel like one reason this story has become so popular is that children and we as a society are becoming desensitized to violence.  We are constantly bombarded with gruesome bloodbaths on prime time TV.  Violence is commonplace in video games.  We look at living and dying as a game and we are invincible.    We can also relate to this story line thanks to reality TV.  Even though Survivor is not as grisly as the Hunger Games, Survivor follows those same, play to death (although not literally)  attitude to duel it out until the end.

I also look at the Hunger Games in another point of view.  How far removed is this society for some of our students and people living in America?  I feel l secure where I live and work.  I have a decent house and clothes, but I know within a 5 mile radius of my house and school, there have been meth busts, prostitution and violent crimes around me and I live in a rural part of the county.  Just recently, I have seen elementary students get violent, angry and lash out in ways I have never seen before.

I feel that society is getting so wrapped up in appearance and material things that are definitely having a detrimental effect on us.    I think Collins demonstrates this in the Hunger Games with how extravagant the Capitol is in comparison to other areas of Panem.   The Capitol is ridiculously plush and costumed while others regions around them are starving, and not just physically.


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  1. Lori,

    I agree that The Hunger Games is a violent book. I was pleasantly surprised at the way Suzanne Collins was able to appeal to so many readers through the wide variety of emotions that capture the reader. I personally, found myself wrapped up in the love story portion of the book. I wanted to know if Katniss would end up with Gale or if Peeta would win her over. This book could be used with middle school students to teach them that material possessions should not have so much emphasis placed upon them. I agreed with your thoughts on our society’s obsession with appearance and materialistic things does have a negative effect, especially on our youth.

    -Stacy Durham 2/9/12

  2. Lori,

    I like your parallel between The Hunger Games and reality TV, such as Survivor. This really was an example of the “ultimate” reality show. Given that our students are faced with reality television, and the like, in so many different circumstances may help to explain how the book became so popular!

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